clear geometry and nothing more monochrome minimalist mansion

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Casa Golf – minimalist house.
The concept of comfort and homecoming in the house at all. The architect from Buenos Aires realized his new project – a residential building. The most important building materials in it have become concrete and glass. This minimalist geometry of the house is designed to mitigate views of a green golf course, which is nearby.

Responsible architect Luciano Kruk.
Architect Luciano Kruk recently completed construction and manufacture of a private house Casa Golf, located in the heart of the Costa Smeralda not far from Buenos Aires (Argentina). The house was built near the golf course, which was the reason for such a name. The farm is a mud of massive geometric shapes. The main material architect chose concrete and glass. In his opinion, only such a contrast emphasizes the construction of identity.

Casa Golf. Living room.
Despite the fact that the outside of concrete rectangles are shown separate constructions, the inner area of ​​274 square meters is thought out to the smallest detail. In the cross "box" is a living room, dining room and kitchen. The interior has a minimalist style. Modesty and grayness environment are compensated by the view from the windows of the green golf course.

Casa Golf – House with geometric volumes.
Geometric shapes can be not only a gray and boring, but bright and cheerful. Butcherknife Residence – a house with colored balconies will be a good alternative to boring buildings.

Casa Golf. Living room.

Casa Golf. Bedroom.
On the upper level is the main bedroom, and at the bottom there are two bedrooms for guests, and the private bathroom.