closet without closet when you can afford an entire room

What do you get when you combine a dresser and a super savvy shelf? Click through for storage ideas for a bedroom.

clothing storage and practical storage – the problem of many urban fashionistas. Yes, when you have a locker room, you can leave your wishes! But what happens to the whole room, can not you afford, and clothes shop in any way still need?

In most of these cases occurring dressing right in the bedroom. But keep everything in the closet sometimes awkward, so help lover's clothes come U-shaped hanging "in the test room," where clothes hanging without any closet.

These hangers are on the legs or wheels, and very elegant looking to the interior of a bedroom. In addition to these, you can use metal grids to store jewelry, belts and accessories, drawers with caps for various small items.

If the clothes hanger will be determined and not move from place to place (if on wheels), and above it is possible to make a shelf, which is convenient to put the spirits to put their hat.

Next to the rack as in a large mirror length, to see its image in its entirety. Try to make sure that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are well-lit daylight from the window.