color harmony 20 stylish interiors kitchens from top designers

gray kitchen

Harmony in color: 20 elegant decor of kitchen from the best designers
Modern and elegant two-color furniture helped create a unique atmosphere in traditional cuisine. Wood, steel, white and black paint – there are hundreds of original combinations, among which will surely find something according to their wishes.

Kitchen interior designers from London

The kitchen in a retro style

Small kitchen in a London apartment is decorated with white and striped wood furniture, creating a beautiful and elegant contrast.

The atmosphere in the retro style hovered on a beautiful kitchen, which was decorated dark gray tables, a white hanging cupboard. Clear red elements only emphasize the contrast.

The kitchen in Rendall & Wright

Kitchen interior design in maritime style

The kitchen in traditional style

Black and dark brown wood windows are quite gloomy, but open plan living with the right daylight becomes a traditional low-key style that fits perfectly into the interior of large buildings.

The kitchen in Hutker Architects

The kitchen in a rustic style

The nice colors are perfect for creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

The kitchen in Rasmussen / Su

Cream and olive oil shades create incredibly beautiful and cozy atmosphere nap the kitchen, which does not want and leave.

The white kitchen is only complementary boxes gray, which only reinforces the feeling of restraint and simplicity.

The Kitchen in Venegas and Company

Modern kitchen, decorated with white and wood trim furniture. The combination of the eternal and loved by many, it looks stylish and fashionable.

The Kitchen of John Lum Architecture

The stretched kitchen kitchen benefits from a combination of the original. Dark gray cabinetry is perfectly combined with wooden elements, helping to create a nice atmosphere.

White combined with dark chocolate creative decorative contrast that even in a small kitchen looks luxurious. Visually there is definitely no more space, but it looks elegant and stylish.

Interior food from Sandberg Schöffel Architects

This kitchen designer used a combination of the two colors is not. He proposed a luxury multicolored interior. Orange, red, is dark gray and white – a real fireworks.

The kitchen in Eminent Interior

Sometimes black and white – that's all you need. Their combination of contrasting appearance, versatile and always stylish and fashionable. This is a combination of fashion and trends.