colorful design project an apartment loft style

The dynamic design of this Parisian mini apartment hides different functional levels and multiple materials and colors combinations.

compression volume spaces with the orientation process in style loft of industriality – Use of open features and communication designs buildings as unusual decor, simplifying the life of all segments, rest and sleep. A neutral palette, using the full spectrum of colors from white to dark, the introduction of natural shades soft industry shades. But in this publication, we want to introduce you to the interior of an apartment located in Germany, examples that you will notice that loft style may seem catchy, colorful, technical as well as shocking. And so

Ignore the fact that main-principal-like applications have been met – rooms huge scale, high ceilings, large windows and wide doorways are decorated with simple and short, for everyone along with this influence feels and other stylistic trends like pop art and eclectic.

By tradition, we start with a guided tour center room in the apartment – in the living room. Loyal subjects are decorated with minimalism, space is a lot, in fact the entire interior is functional consequences. But along with this non-specialized living room striking colorful, amazing selection of color palette and ornamentation method. In most cases, brick walls are corrections in the furnishings of living rooms, but in the living room, with a catchy combination of blue and white decoration of the ceiling walls, neutral shades of masonry became the only background to a very colorful artwork.

The modular set of stuffed furniture, composed of pieces dressed in various shades of gray, arranged a spacious lounge recreation. The unique design of tables, displays, made as white as snow cakes joined chaotic ways complements the external image of the rest segment. The gathering of lighting represented a huge gold crown with dual-position lampshades and white as snow outdoor floor lamp, which together with the bright blue chair arranged in the living room reading corner.

In areas to be set in a loft style, sweaty between different areas no partitions and walls in general. When a German apartment, all rooms are shared, many are equipped with interior doors. But doorways have so wide deposits of frosted glass, making them airy. That is, the space is closed, the air flows freely from room to room and create the effect of a large space. The living room has access to two kitchens – and dining rooms.

The dining room is decorated with a lot of contrasting – black walls perfectly combine with white like snow railing of doorways and the ceiling with golden roofing lights shining through. Facing the still floor design living room – a light wood for wood floors.

Another way out of the living room leads into the kitchen area. To ignore the impressive scale of the premises, the household that is in the kitchen, can communicate with those in the living room, the parameters of the impressive door are provided with such an opportunity.

The use of a brick wall as a decorative kitchen full apron can be practical and not just a unique finishing touch for additional surface layers of water resistant lacquers and antiseptic agents.

This spacious room was a spot pre-sized size kitchen units corner layout. The combination of yellow and gray shades facades kitchen cabinet not only creates a variety of color palettes of the kitchen, but also forms the temperament space. The fixed part of the kitchen center is a spacious island with integrated storage systems and household appliances.

On one side of the kitchen island has a special booth overlay and set bar stools unique design, for arranging places for breakfast and other small meals.

Use of wood surfaces with a minimum machining condition to add warmth to home comfort as well as a spacious room with the desired elements in industrial surface treatment. Rounding out the image of a light and unique food, large hanging chandelier, made in a constructivist style, decor that eaves shades of kitchen fittings.

The unique design of the space around the bed It creates a whole ensemble, which is not only nice to have a rest, but can accommodate a laptop with a cup of coffee. By using standard material implementation of all parts of a sleeping area, a whole ensemble looks not only as a whole, as well as a set, the occurrence of separate parts as a mate mate with no easy to imagine.

Aggregate of storage is presented as a bedroom, three cabinets with a niche in the design center. On this scale a furniture, also eliminates the need for separate locker rooms.