comfortable chairs for the balconies and terraces

In terms of furniture design, sure, many suggest that this trend is closely related to the interior. In fact, a significant part of such projects designed for modern and elegant construction offices, houses and shops.

We offer a wonderful view colorful collection of chairs "SKRYMSLE stool" young and talented designer Patrick Frey (Patrick Frey).

In addition, resistant to this materialultraviolet rays (and therefore not change color over time) and the weather (rain, snow, wind) and it is easy to get rid of, which led to an increased interest in him on that part of the architects, who decided to use it for the first time in their projects.

As you can see, the sculptural form of stools and benches was obtained through a combination of flat and curved elements. In addition, all products are made of a single sheet of plastic.

For fasteners, special aluminum brackets are used, located at the bottom of the chair. So, without glue and welding has been done amazing fantasy furniture designers have undeniable functionality and attractive elegant looks.