cool house instead old shed 35 square meters solid comfort

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Small house: 35 square meters
How to make their own home from scrap materials? A young couple from Portland (Oregon, USA) could show by example that it is possible. They have changed the old barn and build your home literally bit by piece. What did they eventually happen? We decided to look at the results of their work!

The interior of the little house
Nygifta Michael and Jenny have long dreamed of his house, but funds for purchases were missing. The only thing that could be bought for a small amount of money – the old foolish ladder and a little bit of land. Young people had a little more money. It was decided to spend it on restoring the house and interior.

Interior from a small kitchen
Hide got couples, but not empty of old boxes and boards. They were used for restoration and reinforcement of the facade of the house, as well as a partial interior finishing. Interesting with the woods to Michael and Jenny, they were lucky they got out of teak and cedar planks. This wood is also suitable for creating furniture that the homeowner do with their hands, which made significant savings. Another part of the interior purchased on flea markets and sales of the family.

The hosts small house

Many things in the house, Michael and Jenny have done with their own hands

Furniture of old boards and drawers

View of the living room from above

house territory

Technology bought old things in the store

Correct storage in a small interior

cozy zone layout
Despite the fact that that part of the houseable 35 square meters, it is well organized zone division. The kitchen is separated by the rib. The living room does not rinse down furniture, there is a couch, moved with the owners of the old decor, as well as home-made tables and stools. The second floor is completely taken in the bedroom. It has proved relatively large and well-organized.

Particular attention is paid to a shared bathroom, which did not give up a regular bath. The entire space in the room is made in white color. To save space, plumbing picked up non-standard sizes. It also affected the visual impression of the small interior.