cool malogabaritki paris which was designed simply and tastefully

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Malogabaritki in Paris

The small apartment – two simple words, is the design of some designers. They are happy to take up complex projects and carry out a lot of interesting ideas. It happened with a malogabaritki, located in Paris. Its total area is 24m square meters.

Elegant and spacious basement

Masonry reminds of the house more than a hundred years
Not only that, many small Paris apartments, so many of them differ respectable age. The apartment, which we are talking about today, is in the house, which was built back in the 17th century. A reminder of this is the impressive stone, which has been deliberately left without finishing. The layout itself was malogabaritkian simple – there is only one room, a spacious bathroom and a basement in good condition (10 square meters). By the way, in the basement of the best preserved stone quarry, which gives place a special taste.

interior bathroom
For registration apartments, architect AnneRoland (Anne Rolland). She began to work with great enthusiasm. The layout has decided not to change, so as not to break the ancient walls impregnated history. Therefore, the suite proved quite spacious and proportionate. That's why it uses nice warm colors, not afraid to eat the space visually. But a bath nevertheless decided to replace the shower, which at the same time accommodates several people (in love that allows the owners to the apartment to take water treatments together).

Bedroom designer managed to separate from kitchen with Assistans plywood construction. She has also served as a storage system and at the workplace. Due to such a functional and concise feature, the recreation area turned separated and very cozy.

The kitchen also has a simple construction, but it is an intriguing personality. Special shine gives her a glass of kitchen apron saturated orange shade. Backlight makes it an impressive decorative element and makes the interior a modern twist.

There are some interesting designs secretly applied to Roland Anne (Anne Rolland) when making this small apartment. They will help owners malogabaritok clear the feeling of tightness. For example, very good progress has been the use of floor coverings in all areas that combine the space and make it visual more. The same effect has been achieved by using white paint for walls spread like a wall. Geometric pattern on a ceramic plate distracted attention from the actual size of the apartment and broke space visually, which also played a positive view of the interior.

Multi partition
Not long ago, we wrote about a Surprise House, which could build on a piece of land with a surface area of ​​26 square meters. He can reverse the idea of ​​small houses and become a real example of designing a functional home.