Cool materials for walls that do not ashamed decorate interior


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Brant cladding that transforms the interior

A period of repairs and changes, many reluctant to update their homes. But how to get away from the norms, which makes the interior a stylish and attractive? This year, designers are offered a variety of creative and interesting clothing options that are sure to appeal to many.

Stylish panels that have the ability to break that space

3D panels for internal conversion

Walls in 3D style
Two Italian designers and Jacopo CecchiRomano Zenoni developed a very unusual and attractive wall panel. This cladding can transform a place and make notes the course of creativity. Panels are small squares, which are connected to each other seamlessly. They create an illusion of volume and structure, they can certainly be used in the interior of monotonous as the accent element.

Tiles with a Venetian accent
About the creation of the designer tileConfalonieri Serena (Serena Confalonieri) inspired by the historic buildings of Venice, especially the ancient church. Plates were manually created from maple, and covered with thin polished oak slabs. Confalonieri Serena (Serena Confalonieri) has worked in the traditional technique of intarsia.

Down with the boring walls
Skinny brand Texturae bored with the regular blanket, they are offered to decorate the walls of the colorful wallpaper in the style of pop art. They believe that wall coverings should revive space and break into the interior of the pressure wave from the explosion of a color. Evidence of this is the background image of the new collection of the brand, with the image of tropical birds and leaves especially large sizes.

Wallpapers with an unusual effect
Scandinavian designers remain loyal concise and simple veneer options. Of course, Swedish interiors often leave a white scale or painted, but there are exceptions to the rules – this wallpaper with interesting effects.

The wallpaper, which will decorate the inside

Stylish wallpaper in the interior

Scandinavian wallpaper
This year, designers than ever work fruitfully between releasing a lot of interesting alternatives to. We have collected 5 types of the most unusual and fashionable feed, which will be popular in 2016.