Corner bathroom vanity can fit ?n small space

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When your bathroom is short on space, the right vanity can help you live larger

Add a little style and a WOW factor to your bathroom by installing a corner bathroom vanity. These corner vanities can be placed in small bathrooms as they occupy very less space while providing a good amount of storage. In fact they fit in such small spaces in corners where you could not even think a vanity could fit, and look good too. Corner Vanities can be made more attractive by placing some miniature planters or artifacts in a corner of the counter top.

Various Types of Corner Bathroom Vanity

A corner bathroom vanity can be free standing or a wall mounted depending on the space and amount of storage required. The vanity can have one door or two doors with porcelain mounted round or rectangular sinks.  Corner vanities always have a single sink of vitreous china or glass. The mounting assembly is very sturdy to ensure easy, safe and reliable installation. Corner vanities can be installed with or without a cabinet. A large mirror if placed on top of a corner vanity can make your bathroom appear bigger. The corner cabinets have two shelves to keep your bathroom essentials. Corner cabinets are made in a way that they are resistant to moisture.

Features of a Corner Vanity

White melamine corner bathroom vanity with a porcelain sink look quite stylish. At times a vanity can have furniture like cabinets while the counter top is marble or granite with an under mount sink. An L-shaped vanity is another corner vanity that can provide a lot of storage. A white corner vanity with a black granite countertop looks very sleek. A chrome and clear glass corner vanity looks very modern and fits with any décor. Another very efficient corner vanity is the one with a frosted vessel sink that is a blend of utility and style. Sometimes a sink is put in the corner because of traffic flow problems that results due to the swinging of the shower door or the main door. There is such a large variety of corner vanities available in the stores that you will definitely find one that fits your specifications. You can even get one custom made to fit the corner of your bathroom.

Thus a space saving corner vanity can transform a bathroom into one of the most luxurious rooms in the house while leaving enough space for other bathroom fixtures and provide adequate storage space as well.