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6 Tips for Living in a 660 Square Foot Cottage Southernliving. Living in a tiny house doesn't mean you have to give up style. Photographer Josh Gibson and

Dream Cottage: 30 square meters in the Mediterranean Sea

Lots of sunshine, fresh sea air, relaxed atmosphere – a dream, and just! It seems that the Mediterranean is just a large mansion with many rooms, but in fact there is also malogabaritki. We have found and studied the interior of the house, with an area not exceeding 30 square meters.

Architects from Humbert & Poye

The snowy cool
If Scandinavian white is associated with snow and hard winters, then it is nice to cool Mediterranean style and reminds of the coast with white sand. The design of this little house involved in Italian architects from Humbert & Poyet. They consciously chose the white color as the primary one. Thus, they could visually adjust the distance and apply it at the very successful angle.

Small, yes udalenky
The area of ​​this small house reaches only 30 square meters, but consists of several levels. There are two small bedrooms and a living room, kitchen. A big bonus for this house is: • Close to the sea and a beautiful view from the window; • The large number of panoramic windows that bring in plenty of natural light; • Competent organization of space achieved by Humbert & Poyet designers; • Cozy terrace where you socialize.

elegant terrace

elegant porcelain

interior bathroom

Large mirrors increase visual space

unusual dishes

The details make the interior an elegant one

Interior small bedroom

A little elegant bedroom
Mediterranean style is ideal for summer decor. But how to use it and to remember, to choose this destination? We know five tricks that help understand this question.