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Gorgeous Homes in Alpine Chalet Style, Country Home
Gorgeous Homes in Alpine Chalet Style, Country Home Decorating Ideas

For his family designer Natalia Maslova, I developed a wonderful interior of a chalet-style country house. The area of ​​the whole room more than three hundred meters, the first floor of 183, a large loft of four hundred and twenty meters.

The first floor of a chalet-style country house is a plain trim stone that protects the walls from rotting, in this case, only wood-covered spetssostavom was used. The composition of the coating protects the wall from external visible discoloration and mold, exterior walls, also made of wood, but with a darker cover dark walnut.

The interior of the house chalets would not be complete without wood windows with shutters, balconies, ceiling longirovannye ramps, which allows the air to rest on the dark even when it's raining.

Mandatory in the interior, the fireplace is located in the corner, at the intersection of the living room and dining room, so that you can enjoy the fire on both sides.

Building "right" of the interior of a country house, the chalet, is used mainly natural materials. The walls are covered with specially treated wood.

natural colors and materials have been chosen for the interior of the chalet house:

House in chalet style, in the sinoriginal design usually has a small area and is very compact. The author's project goal was to maximize space and light. To achieve these tasks, managed by an open plan ground floor and bright walls. To add a candle for the stairs and into the lobby on the second floor, as in the children's room, bedroom and shower room, allow skylights.

We should also pay attention to accessories, used in the interior of ski home. Part of the furniture designed specifically for the home, I table with an antique cast iron tiles, made on the sketches. Next to the fireplace, two very comfortable chairs fastened to the seventies, carefully restored by the author.
Chandelier over table chosen by Italian manufacturer Fabbian.

For the country houses in the cottage style, compulsory hunting motif, usually expressed in the form of a trophy animal heads. In the present role in the interior of trophies, ceramic header heads from Asiatides perform.

Think carefully designed design of a rural cottage can be quite long, harmonious combination of colors, styles and accents, create the current cozy home.