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scandinavian design windows

Modern house with a flat roof organic It settles in the surrounding fields near the small Spanish city. The architects did not want anything to break the natural landscape, not to destroy the beautiful landscape, and this house is the best suited to their design.

A simple form – a box, large-wall window that makes the house almost transparent, terraces on both sides of the unit with nature – all this makes the small building at the same time comfortable for living, and not destroying the harmony in the sight of the area.

In Spain, a lot of sunny days, opaque walls allow you to fully enjoy it. Cap Bost├Ąder neatly inscribed in the terrain, the facade is made of wide planks, which are treated with the help of the stain. Flat roof do not draw attention, the house could be and not notice if the door is not a pipe – they were painted in yellow flowers and lichens.

The interior of a modern house with a flat roof It combines the features of two styles: minimalist and eco-design. Inside, everything is decorated in wood, not just walls and floors and ceilings. Wood provides extra warmth and comfort in each room, softening cold shine glass surfaces. Parts of the decor are virtually absent, but in them, and there is no need – as the artist of the interior seems very natural, peeking through the glass window.

The house – a total of 60 square meters. m in the middle of the plan -. kitchen, living room, a place where the whole family. On both sides of it – in the bedroom and in the basement – for guests and a bathroom there are also for them.

Storage systems are built to be non-pushable. Furniture cladding has a calm natural color. General lighting is also natural – through the large panoramic windows allow daylight in free.

In the evening with lighting function, quite simple shapes are clear lanterns that are equipped with frosted glass shades. Their mild light of the moon resembles, and does not bother to admire the starry sky.