cozy 2 storey mansion built a narrow passage between houses

Double story house plan floor area 93 square

Double story house plan floor area 93 square meters | Mi Casa in

KN House – a small two-story house, built between the two houses.
In the modern city's question vacant space for building houses is particularly acute. But the young family could find a way out. They bought the land between two apartment buildings and built in the area is small but cozy home.

The house was built for 15 thousand. Dollar.
Architects company Adrei-Studio Architecture (ASA) has conducted a project to build a small two-storey KN House for a family of 4 people in Hanoi, Vietnam. Given the small budget ($ 15,000), designers managed to really make the customer's wishes: to build in a modern style, but with national architectural details (the entrance to the house, the staircase).

Adrei-studio architecture architecture agency project.

KN House. Interior.
Although the house has two floors, yet inside there is a lack of space. For example, a cot is located on the mezzanine, and under the stairs are equipped with shelves for clothes. The general layout of the house is made in the "Openspace" style.

KN House. W.C.

KN House. The action in the garden.
In the garden, the hosts managed to make a small green area. Due to the catastrophic shortage of vacant space on the streets of metropolitan areas, Vietnamese architects have offered to plant trees right on the rooftops. It is thus possible to partially solve the problem of the lack of green spaces in the streets of the city.