cozy house with total area 14 8 square meters which can be used successfully

Apartment Original Jordaan House, Amsterdam, Netherlands -

Vista – friendly camper area 14.8 sqm. meter.
Housing becomes increasingly popular as a motorhome or a good alternative for a suburban area. But because of the small size, some of these homes boast thoughtful and cozy furnishings. This model area of ​​only 14.8 square meters falls in the latter.

camper model that developed speuialistami escape company.
Escape The company has produced mobile homes. Their caravans differ in comfort and interior comfort. The new model is an area of ​​only 14.8 square meters, named Vista.

Save camper. Interior.
Save dimensions are the same as in other model companies. But in this compact mobile house there is a wide sofa, kitchen counter, table and two chairs. Then the door has a bathroom with shower and toilet. Visually, the space seems larger due to the large double-glazed windows.

The caravan area 14.8 sqm. meter.
Some more alternative campers will decide the choice of mobile homes for those who like to buy it.

House RV Vista. Kitchen.

House RV Vista.
Additionally, if desired, in Vista, you can install solar panels and lithium batteries. The price for this model camper is $ 39,900.