crafts from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles Many of us seem to be normal and distinctive substances. In our time, these containers are in abundance and instead of bluntly throwing them, you have the opportunity to do crafts of plastic bottles.

Most often, plastic bottles are used for orchards, vegetable farms and suburbs. It's not just the urban housing needs in the event, and the gardens. Anyone who wants to see your own website cozy and comfortable. Crafts from plastic bottles – is the cheapest and easiest option for the original design of gardens and plots.

Crafts from plastic bottles for plots and gardens do not require special tools and knowledge. The most important thing you need in this case – to attack the bottle and turn on your imagination.

From plastic bottles have the ability not only to buildings, but also to take advantage of, or directly for the cultivation of plants, vegetables and flowers. They are made such capacity is quite simple. All that is required of you – is to cut off the top of the bottle, make holes in the bottom of the tank, fill its soil and sow it or grow plants in her flowers. In its request, you can decorate the outside of the container to give it a more aesthetic look.

Apart from the listed options, plastic bottles and caps can also make tables and chairs for the suburban area. By making such a structure, you can enjoy peace and quiet right in your garden.

From plastic containers you can create not only craft for gardening, but also make use of creative and products decor for your home.

It is an excellent choice for decorating their home flowersAv plastic baklazhek. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the method of ready-made camomile of a bottle.

In addition to the daisies, you can also make and lily of the valley, which will decorate your garden.

A further embodiment of craft from a plastic bottle, we want to take into account the production of vases.

From plastic bottles are also possible ready tools like broom.

For the fair half, you can make of plastic bottles is a useful product like standing decoration and accessories.

From plastic bottles can be wonderful children's crafts and toys. With a variety of bottles of colors, it is possible to create a large number of bright and most unusual crafts that will certainly delight your child. You can create a whole playground of plastic bottles.