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creative furniture

How to save space and make the malogabari caravan cool? This is possible thanks to the creative and very unusual furniture. Such items of furnishings attract attention, distracting from the flaws in space, yet are so versatile that they can decorate as close to flat and spacious apartments. We picked the brightest and unusual examples, which will not leave anyone untouched.

Drilling "delicious" design
Table designer Matthew Robinson (Matthew Robinson) will cause confusion among guests present. His feet seemed to melt and drip into big drops on the floor, like chocolate. It consists of two parts, and is made of natural maple and walnut milk and chocolate shades.

Beautiful, economical and functional – a rare combination.
How taste save valuable space the house knows the sculptor from South Korea Lyle Young (Lilac Jang). Each house has corners that are usually not involved. Laila thought it was not rational, and came up with a couch that could also decorate the smallest apartment. In addition to functionality, it performs and decorative function. Seeing a rococo style furniture is very impressive and elegant.

Desk transformer
Convert tables today very few people surprised, but furniture that can easily be folded up and take you on a trip – a curiosity. New Zealand designers Matthew Robinson (Matthew Robinson), Oliver Ward (Oliver Ward) and Kelleueyay Fraser (Fraser Callaway) have designed such a desk made of corrugated board. Its main function is that it is easy and fast developed (converted). At the same time, he is strong enough and equipped with slotted handles, thanks to which you can move the table as a regular suitcase. It is very convenient for frequent crossings (trips).

The table that you can take with you

Furniture for spacious interior
See product massive and high-speed. They are made of plywood and equipped with brakes with a brake. Then the furniture can be moved easily and roll in the other rooms. Chairs look luxurious and not just because of its unusual design. This effect helps to achieve velvet, which is used for stooling.

Spectacular sofa

The tender embrace swinging couch
Sofa Lullock has a very unusual shape in the form of petal petals, a curved boat. This allows him to swing and lean according to the principle of rocking chairs. There are unusually soft pillows, flowers that are capable of taking a body shape that provides a comfortable pastime on such furniture. Creative Development Lullock was created by a group of young designers: James Edwards (James Edwards), Knauf Reuben (Reuben Knauf), Niche Brant (Nisha Brown), Dernarom Croy (Darnar Kruy).

The sofa in the form of a flower petal
An important factor in the design of the interior was just functionality, but also beauty and comfort. Here is another creative idea of ​​designers – a sofa in a cozy birdhouse. Spend time on it – a pleasure!