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Arch Window Curtains To Choose Depend On What
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Custom shaped windows look very nice, especially if it is motivated by the non-standard style. For example, if the apartment is decorated in the style of Provence, or even high whole blood, arched windows will give it a special taste.

However, there is a problem – the choice of curtains selected windows is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Many also prefer to do without curtains, leave the window open. In those cases, the view from the window is happy to justify such a decision.

But do not forget that the textiles on the windows protect not only against excessive sun or curious neighbors eyes, but also take home comfort.

Curved curtains have their own characteristics, and they must be considered if you want your window look elegant and attractive. On the vaulted windows hang curtains conventional straight, the trick just to properly secure the roof foot.

Conventional directly to vaulted blinds can be hanging over the fastened roof tile on the wall under the arch curvature window. Now it's one of the trendiest and most popular design options of non-standard windows. In addition, with this mounting curtains you increase the amount of daylight in the room.

Roof rack can be attached above the bend arch window – a way to visually lift the ceiling, but in the dragged window mode will lose its originality. You can do it from a piece of fabric, it is possible – with strips of different colors from size, direction along or across.

Curved windows look particularly good when used when placing different accessories: decorative rings, silk loop fighting.

Curved curtain can be hung on the roof rack, respectively, the curved window opening in its upper part. In such cases you can add a coat for decoration.

If the shape of the bow has large windows to enjoy the usual curtains can be difficult. In such cases, they are preferred mobile curtains, i.e. curtains, equipped with a special mechanism.


Like curtains in the vaulted blinds often opt-pleated. This special form of curtains.

They are manufactured on special clothing patterns, which are removed directly from your window. Mounted directly on the frame, consisting of tissue clamped between the two profiles of a light metal, usually aluminum.