Customer Reviews: Corki For Apple Watch Bracelet

Compatible With Apple Watch Strap 38MM Sport Loop,
Compatible With Apple Watch Strap 38MM Sport Loop, Lightweight Breathable Nylon Replacement Band for iwatch

The band just looks exactly like the original. If you do not know that it's a fake, you could not tell it. It also fits perfectly in the smartwatch.
Really great!

Nice band. But does not stop !!! The third volume, which only holds one-sided and in which with a little back and forth on the band the locking mechanism to the clock no longer works. Very bad!

I have the Corki Apple Watch bracelet as a second Sportarmband (in addition to the supplied by Apple) increased. It can be easily adjusted and holds bombproof. It is also washable. All in all a recommendable product. I would buy again anytime!

Wonderfully light and pleasant on the skin. You do not sweat anymore, as is the case with the original silicone band. And the price performance is of course great. Had vlt still a bracket (connection to the clock) made of something stronger material desired, but then the band would be a bit heavier

For the watch this is awesome. I have the first Apple Watch and i stayed with the original band for far too long. Eventually I needed something new and surprised by how many options there were on Amazon. And I ordered a couple. This watch band has become my favorite. It's comfortable and breathtaking. Great for everyday and sports. It costs a bit less than apple charges. It's a purchase I can definitely recommend.

The bracelet itself looks TOP at first glance, BUT
… it is a bit too short. Could quiet 2 cm to 3 cm longer purely because I can not wear it normally without almost completely open it. Because of this length, the end of the closure lies exactly on my pulse artery and disturbs tremendously when working on the computer.

… the attachment points for attaching to the watch have a small "metal splint" in the middle (does that mean that?). I wanted to change the bracelet and got really scared for a short time that I would never get the bracelet off my watch again because it was jammed. Only after a lot of effort when pulling out (compared to the other 3 bracelets I have) I could remove it.
When pulling out the bracelet has caused scratches in the joint !!!! (I check before inserting any new bracelet, if there are already scratches and before the insertion of this bracelet there were none.)

But I give the whole trozdem 2 stars, because the nylon I like really good.
I would not recommend it to anyone.

I ordered the black band for my Apple Watch and the color is just as I imagined. Unfortunately, the Velcro closure dissolves very easily. In direct comparison with an original tape from Apple you also notice that the Velcro was designed much weaker.

The clock would have almost disappeared while swimming. I never got into this situation with the original tape from Apple.

Therefore, the band can not recommend for sports use.

In the picture, the bracelet looks a bit more solid.
It feels pretty cheap – but the price speaks words.
It's ok for the sport or something.
I would not buy it anymore.

I have indulged in this bracelet for my Apple Watch 42mm and am absolutely satisfied. Workmanship and comfort are in my view the original Apple bracelet in no way! Therefore, I like to give 5 stars here!

So after a few months with this bracelet a few words from me. To make it short, the comfort is great, the Velcro holds great and it has zero signs of wear, I would buy it again, absolutely top ??????