de mest unusual carpets in world that amaze its realism

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The most realistic carpets in the world

During the spring there is an urgent need to communicate meditation. I would like to travel, go out of town picnic on the green grass. It comes to the fact that the spring literally breaks into the cabin. Equally elegant fit in space? It really can not do without creative solutions!

The carpet for spring interior
How do I do notes inside and update ekostilyarymden? Many designers are convinced that just changing the carpet is enough! For the spring season is to choose a light floor, it can be present in the blue, yellow and green spots. The perfect option would be a mat imitating a green grass. This will erase the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Designer Alexandra Kehayoglou

Designer Alexandra Kehayoglou at work
She started to create her own hands rugs, woolen threads, which still after the production of other rugs. The main source of inspiration for her was nature, and hence the main driving products – realistic green lawn.

Interior design in ecological style

Beautiful spring mats
A designer from Argentina AlexandraKehayoglou thought it would be nice to create carpets that would always be reminded in the spring. She saw childhood how to create floor coverings, as she grew up in the family's mattress factory. Her ancestors originally from Greece and Turkey, so she knew firsthand about traditional weaving.

Extremely realistic carpet

for the carpet manufacture takes about a few months

Carpet interior in ecological style
Creating a rug takes about a few months. Their girl literally collects a thread and puts in each product a part of his soul. She believes that every interior must be a place of nature and magic.

Carpets are made of wool nobody
If it is suitable furniture? Most often rugs with flower motifs in a child, as well as in the living room, made in ecological style. Interestingly, some carpets partially hanged on the wall, and then continue on the floor. It looks very unusual, so the carpet is perfect for creating accent walls in the interior.

chair winter
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