de vloer in de badkamer voorprobe populaire coatings

Nisjes in de badkamer muur

Six in the bathroom

For floors in the bathroom presentsasspecific requirements. The floor should be durable, durable, moisture-resistant and therefore involve their appearance. What to decorate the floor so it was nice and practical? We have prepared an overview of E-5 the most popular types.

Ceramic tile coatings are more likely to occur in the bathroom

Elegant tile in the bathroom

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom
When people talk about the floor in the bathroom, then most other types of recall are ceramic tiles. This is due to a number of advantages that have this protection: • In ceramics hardly delayed dirt and dust, it is easy to take care of. To do this, the usual wet cleaning. • It does not cause allergies and is totally harmless material. • She is not afraid of fire. • Do not fear water and bacteria, do not absorb odors and detergents. • More than 50 years can keep its original appearance. • On it you can put very heavy furniture or appliances. It has ceramic tiles and disadvantages: • It is cold. • It has a low sound insulation. • If a heavy object drops, then tiles can be cracks. • Sometimes the price of the plates unique design can be high. • For its styling, the blank surface and the skills of the master are perfect.

Porcelain tiles in the bathroom
No less popular granite. In fact, he is a relative of ceramic tiles, only in its composition, except the clay contains natural pigments, quartz sand and feldspar. Here are a number of qualities that he is so fond of: • Does not lead electricity. • Off. • Do not burn out. • He was not afraid of bacteria. • Allergic-friendly. • Robust and durable (it can only scratch diamond). Despite the great popularity of the coating, there are still there and weaknesses: • The high costs. • Fragile at the time of transportation and cutting. • Cold coating.

Porcelain slabs – a very popular material

Self-leveling floor with a 3D effect

Plastic floor in the bathroom

Bright Plastic Floor

Uncommonly in bathrooms do hardwood floors, mistakenly believe that such coverage is short-lived and sensitive to moisture. In fact, for centuries it was material used in shipbuilding. The most important thing is to choose the right wood and high quality makes it packing. Here are the advantages of a wooden floor: • Cover Teak is the most durable and waterproof for all types of hardwood floors. It's practically not subject to deformation. • Sex lingerie is cheaper, but it also does not allow moisture. • Beautiful texture. • Pleasant warm jacket that comfortably goes barefoot. • A natural material that does not give off toxins. Wooden floors are not much: • The high cost compared with other coatings. • Fire risk. • Deformation of the cheapest types or improper installation.

Wooden floor in the bathroom

Wooden floor in the bathroom
If the change in the bathroom does not just need to be on the floor and be a complete repair, you should know what you can save.