decor with your own hands 20 unusual details that decorate interior apartment

Creative ideas to help decorate the inside.
Kneep, made with their own hands, can give the interior a special charm and charm, making it unique and cozy. 20 And these new ideas to help you personalize your home and add your character to him.

Wreath of hearts fabric.

Wash from regular pots, decorated with lace and ribbon.

Unusual tiebacks from an old cup.

Pots for flowers from an old ladybags and men's shoes.

Small wall shelves with bright walls.

Original hanger made of wood.

Luxury shelf for towels from metal washers.

Nice cut for curtains from the old leather strap.

Interesting bookcase of old skateboards.

Bright hanger of pallet for rock and hats.

Unusual crockery cutlery and wooden planks, painted in bright colors.

Bracket for bike, which simultaneously serves as a bookshelf.

Creative wood shelf.

Vintage table from old suitcases.

Beautiful vases of the old copper and barrels.

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