decorative liquid wallpaper for walls

China Living Room Wall Background Decorative Wall Paint
China Living Room Wall Background Decorative Wall Paint Yisenni Liquid Wallpaper China Silk Wallpaper, Silk Plaster

Today the trim's living room can be different. They differ in materials and methods for application on the wall. A relatively new, but more popular way to finish – floating wallpaper on the walls.

The use of liquid wallpaper on the walls will facilitate the preparation work. Smaller mistakes on the walls, chips, cracks can overdo not only the primed surface is enough.

The biggest difference between these wallpaper from our regular paper – see. Consequently, they differ and how they are applied to the wall. Liquid wallpaper – is a powder made of natural materials, reminiscent of the end trim structure foam.

In a finished coating further possible Apply patterns, and have a solid hand artist is not necessarily: liquid wallpaper on the walls is washed with plain water, and any shortcomings at work can be easily corrected.

Plus a lot of modern surface layers. This soundproofing, and the ability to maintain warmth and environmental friendliness, and space for the original style solutions. Decorative floating wallpaper will not crack, even if your house has given shrinkage. Minus only one – a relatively high price, but this disadvantage is quite relative, especially when considering the decline in the preparatory costs phase.

Before you finish liquid wallpaper powder must be diluted with water, stirring and allow to stand for 10-12 hours to mix well swollen. It must include a lid to prevent evaporation of water. The resulting mixture is kept without altering the properties of about 14 days.