design a private house in mountains from pearson design group

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Mountain Living

For those who like space, mountains, silence and complete rest, of course, as private houses in the mountains, designed by the architectural studio Pearson Design Group. Great luck designers organic writing home in the surrounding nature. Materials and colors are also perfectly adapted, and decorating techniques admire deep taste, unexpectedly in this isolation from the benefits of civilization.

Interiors from private homes in the mountains are made in the style of minimalist – nothing superfluous, crushed. And at the same time exactly imparting the atmosphere of a country cottage, there is nothing in the order of boring urbanization. C sun deck offers great views of extensive meadows and mountain ranges. All is decorated with a tree, and ceilings, floors, furniture and wood.

The living room in this magnificent private hemberg made in a light gray, very quiet, must rest. Bright flashes it animates the fireplace, adding warmth and comfort. Strictly soften the general atmosphere of the kitchen bright spots – chairs near the bar and around the table in the dining room. Yellow, orange, tangerine color reminiscent of summer heat even in the cold winter.