design a small private home

small private swimming pool design inside the house
small private swimming pool design inside the house

For full country cottage is not important volume, and intelligent planning and implementing space. How to use the meters with the greatest effect, brilliantly showed one of the best Swedish architects Gert Wingårdh, who has managed to create an amazing construction of a small private house.

The house is very small, only 50 square meters. The building has only two floors, of which the other – in the wind. But thanks to the gifted design of the interior of the small house, not only does the bedroom and kitchen fit, and a spacious living room with fireplace and a luxurious sauna.

In addition to the interior design of a small private house, the author worked on the project and the surrounding area. Through the property passes a small natural stream that carries water to the artificial pond in front of the house, the bottom of a pond lined with cobblestones and the location of several large stone blocks, reminiscent of a Japanese garden.

The interior of the small house is divided into three parts: the first floor has a kitchen – living room and bathroom with sauna. On the second floor the bedroom.

Small volumes were counteracted by flat-widening of the space outside the interior of the small house – due to extensive glass panes. Two of the four walls of the construction are made of glass, the house, the garden as a continuation and an extension of the inner garden.

To be more open space, the first floor ceiling is not completely closed, the floor the bedroom is adjacent to the wall only on three sides, leaving enough room to give the impression of openness. Because of the light coming from the second floor, creates a complete illusion of extra height of the first floor.

Design of a small private house made avenue material, all furniture is built and customized oak. On the second floor there is a small bedroom, there is nothing superfluous, just a place to rest and a shelf for small things.

Original glazed second floor adds flavor to the course of the entire structure. In addition to this, it perfectly illuminates the entire room.

The kitchen is equipped with everything needed for living, in addition to stuffed furniture, modern glass cookware is provided.

The corridor leads to the spa, fully decorated with sandstone.

There was a seat around the sink, in a small corner of the wall in a shower.

The steam room is equipped with comfortable beds. The wall does not reach all the way to the ceiling, made it to the outflow of hot air, izlishki- enter the living room.

Working drawings.