design and country house interior design from jodi cooper

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The design and furnishings of a country house in Australia are perfect harmony with its natural environment. The house itself consists of several visually insulated from each other volumes combined with intricate lines in the ceiling. In general, it is perceived as a modern castle, and is becoming increasingly popular technology in the construction of suburban housing. The height of the buildings do not argue with trees around and do not overload the viewer.

The interior spaces of a country house and are maximally simplified and implemented in natural colors that improve the state of harmony of their passengers.

One of the interesting results of design and interior design in the country became an unusual combination of materials. For example, in the decoration of the façade bordering on plastic side tracks and natural stone in the living room combined with smooth walls of coarse stone masonry seams, snowflakes in the bedroom plaster goes naturally that the "deck boards" head in bed, rises to the full height of the room.

Inside comfort prevails. Original ideas helped to make the design and furnishings of a country house unusual, while keeping the tradition and the basic principles of housing construction. Split into functional zones on the first floor with high ceilings giving light and space.

The bedroom – on the second floor. Interior country-house rooms involve a large amount of light, and this window is arranged in the ceiling.

Balcony from the bedroom onto the street is not so common, but inside the house, and it is possible to see what is happening in the living room.