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The most beautiful and stylish small bedrooms to
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Residents in small apartments know a small bedroom – it's not a diagnosis, because it might well be a good place to sleep if you come to the bedroom interior issues correctly. So today we offer you 6 bedrooms of design ideas in small apartments.

Of course, the best solution is bedroom furnitureVit: bright colors, as we know, visually expand the space. But believe me, the design of bedrooms in brown, beige, blue and all other colors looks better than anything – everything depends on how it is done. Compact bed of wood with a light veil can be a great solution for small-sized bedrooms.

You would be surprised at some unusual places to place the bed: each corner may be enough for this purpose. The same applies to the wardrobe and desk. Design bedrooms in small apartments often do not take into account the fact that the savings space can give a pretty good result.

Wall shelves – a great resource for storage a lot of things, especially in design and have a small area. The idea of ​​wall shelves is not new, but you can see for yourself how much can be placed in several places the walls square.

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