design ceiling with exposed beams

two toned exposed beam ceiling

The interior of wooden beams that extend from the roof can be important styling elements. In some cases, completely flat roof designers build fake beams to give space more expressive, create an atmosphere of precious antiquity, comfort and homecoming. These beams are relevant not only in the country houses, but also in urban apartments.

Beams are used in the interior of main branches, larch, cedar, pine or rarely used oak beams. beams can also be made of metal, plaster or reinforced concrete. Wooden beams coated with bets or paint in various shades, artificial sostarivayut or decorate thread – all depends on what style the decorated room itself.

Design ceilings with beams allow visually planned large space, planning to conceal shortcomings, to change the perception of space, harmonized.

It is important to note that too rays in the primary natural materials of the interior, in most cases – pure timber. It does not emit air into harmful volatiles, on the contrary – conifers can measure space with volatile production, good for health. Wooden beams in the interior will last for many years, eventually becoming just precious and more valuable.

Favorite designers get the registration roof and the wind-fitting of their sloping ceilings with the help of beams. Design ceilings with exposed beams can turn even uncomfortable ceilings in an elegant living room.

Very unusual and beneficial appearance beamed across the same, like the same appearance as the roof boxer. Thus it is possible to decorate the entire ceiling, and it is possible – fragments, lay out a pattern of rays in a grid or fish bone on that part of the roof.

The beams in the ceiling can be colored, and can be compared to him to give depth and relief design and produce accent effect. On a white roof beams interesting look like dark and light wood. They can match the tone with furniture or flooring.

Design ceilings with dark beams look appealing, as opposed to lightweight wood constructions, which gives ease and weightlessness. Gray wooden constructions provide elements of cool and calm, but the dark beams set the rhythm and give dynamics even the most sluggish interior.

Wooden beams in the interior fit a lot of design styles. For example, in Provencal style, they are aged in white or gray, giving extra luster and combined with furniture.

The ceiling beams can be used metal or reinforced concrete, if can be painted the use of wood in their metallic colors, or cover a dark stain and carry something out.