design features myths and truth about french style

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Design features: myths and truths about the French style
Each region of France presents its style, like the business card for a particular province. These features refer to specific differences in the architecture of buildings, colors and furnishings. Everyone helps to distinguish one area from another, and is part of cultural identification, which is difficult to mix. We sell understand all the hassles of this style, white exclamation, antiques, lights and lanterns, brilliant crystal chandeliers, linen towels, white lace and silver tiles and plates.

French style for tourists

French style to French

Reality. Resilience and moderation

Classical French style

If you think it's the castle of the Versailles standard in French style, then you're deeply wrong. This palace was the embodiment of all the wealth that had King Louis XIV – it was an era of luxury and exaggeration that preceded the era of the fall of the French monarchy.

Moderation – this is the key design concept for French style, and this applies to fashion and clothing, fashion and interior design. Thoughtful design that aims to balance everything is characterized by finesse, ease and elegance details. Even in the children's room, everyone is very restrained: the palette pastel and carefully chosen accessories that can easily change if the child grew up.

dining interior in modern French style

Reality. harmony

Calm colors and natural materials

living room furnishings in French style

It is important to understand what should be used material. It is necessary to focus on quality and authenticity. In the heart of modern French style is natural stone, oak, ash, alm, plaster, wool, iron, steel, etc. The most favorite material in the drapery is unbleached reinforced linen. It is a beautiful material, which, on the one hand, is very textural, and on the other hand – soft and natural. Len wrinkled, it's not perfect, but it's its highlight.

Mediterranean French style

Reality. neutral colors

Colors may vary

If we speak of colors, French style, it corresponds to a simple palette of pastel, subdued gray, white, beige, light blue, brown, gray-brown, dark green color. French-style patterns are unclear, subtle, and are used primarily in architectural and design details.

The interior of A & D Vanessa Faivre

The French are not afraid of bright accents, but they do not use more than two colors for them to find a balance and harmony. Because housing is small, color schemes are often used as a way to increase visual space: assigned certain areas or vice versa, masked by sharp boundaries. The interior of the picture – a living example of how the centerpiece is cleverly used in decoration, in this case, in the wall cabinet.

To decorate the decor, French use colors like light blue, green, shock pink, terracotta, orange, mustard and red, but the priority is for the different regions of France.

Bright accents in the interior

The conventional concept of luxury French interior is associated with large furniture, sharp straight lines, strict symmetry, perfect surfaces and a full order in cabinets and shelves. Only most of us have never had a home on the average French. The small French homes, the first can live for several generations for several generations. The average apartment has an area of ​​60 m2, so it should be very functional and the furniture should, if possible, develop or come out.

Älskling obsharpannost decor in French

Houses in France, mostly old, and therefore, floors can be worn, and the patch can fall in some places on the walls. These flaws, as someone may think and is a charm. The French-treated national sports visit flea markets, resulting in the interior and decor from time to time there are curiosities.

Another feature of the French style It is eclectic. Since French architecture and culture through the ages have experienced many influences from other cultures due to historical circumstances, eclecticism has become part of the identification of the French culture. The French easily combine features in different styles and epochs in the interior and interior.

Provincial Spirit of Paris

We can not say that this is definitely not the case, because the spirit of the province lives throughout France: in the suburbs and cities. In terms of traditions and geography in France, there are very different countries, and thus the styles differ in different parts of the country. By provincial style mainly furniture neutral colors, wood, forged parts, limestone, paved walls, terracotta or sand floors. This rustic style makes it look elegant, you need to put in the original architectural solutions. The French try to give it a modern sound. Perhaps it looks like a provincial style, but for the most part it is made for tourists in hotels and guesthouses.

Reality. The French as well as rustic style, but it does not rule out

Traditional French style decoration a provence

The French do not like to follow any rules or clichés, this also applies to the interior. Either style is always a place for surprises and underneath, to create a vibrant and unique atmosphere. Designers use stone, linen, iron, wood in the interior, but do it in a modern way, unexpectedly, with current trends and avant-garde shapes.