design for a one room apartment tips

Tips to Make Awesome Layout on One Room
One room apartment layout design

One bedroom – one room, one common area that often does not exceed 55 m2, even in new buildings. In this area must have a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and sleep. Sometimes they were also joined by a study area and a children's room. Of course not an easy task – a small area harmoniously, comfortably, and thus also beautifully arranged with all the necessary furniture, equipment and personal belongings.

In this article we will talk about the most important form factor. Let's discuss what records step by step are to analyze and understand that in the end result you are "pushed" out of the maximum capacity of the apartment.

First of all, let's define what Initially it is important to focus on functionality. For design – it is primarily a design and after-selection of beautiful furniture, décor, color combinations.

After completion of the repair will be very time-consuming, difficult and expensive to change things like the placement of walls, wiring electricians and plumbers. So throwing all their forces is now out to create the best "foundation", and in any case, do not spare funds for these steps. Because a new sofa, you can always buy, but to change wires or pipes – here has encountered a serious problem.

So, let's look at the steps you have to go.


Determining the needs of a new home (how many people will live in an apartment, what zones you need to create – start your lifestyle, occupation, age, family members, their hobbies and special needs).


detailed analysis

Analysis of the existing space and the optional option for remediation (make measurements in the apartment, after specifying the location of communications, layers and non-bearing walls, the architect's requirements for external changes to the facade – all of this will help you understand where to place the bathroom, you can put the apartment of another color box and change their configuration is allowed to dismantle any wall and build new).


Reconciliation of needs and opportunities

If it turns out that the room for most is missing – do not worry, it's not always enough, and everyone – even those living in the mansion area of ​​1000 m2. Quietly accept the available resources as a given and directly proportional to reducing their requirements. That is, if the studio space is not enough, which means that it is possible to buy the size not 1400×800 and 1000×600 in the kitchen to donate a work-wall section and reduce the sofa length of 40cm and do not completely get rid of lunch table that condemns the family to celebrate the new year at the bar.



Very often we forget the huge accumulation of things that are within the limits of the average apartments. Think about where to store:

a vacuum cleaner and a mop; basins, buckets, big bowls; ironing board, iron and a will to wipe clothes; A skier or snowboarder gear, bike, helmet motorcycleist; child seasonal and off-season stroller; low season clothing – top and bottom shirt and shoes; conservation and food; All existing and suggested to buy household appliances;
sure and much, much more.

If you have felt bad at all – that was good. Let's get better now than it will be pasted wallpaper. So give yourself time for reflection and carefully plan the whole. Take for example the balcony. Ideal dreams of free space, a variety of colors and a cozy table where you drink your morning coffee can either stay in the same place, making you throw out gear skiers and stop preserving or changing and allowing 14 balcony a spacious wardrobe and shelves for the same object. In any case, it will be right for your family, but it is important that the choice was intentional, understand all the pros and cons of a final decision.


approval of a plan

Approval of the final plan and ordering systems. After the final decision at once will fall into place. And you will be able to carry out the development of narrower and longer technical details. For builders you at one stage or another should be prepared to answer the following questions:

tearing all the walls? where to build new walls? about changing windows and the front door? Do isolate the balcony and the wall? about underfloor heating, and if so, where? What coverage will lie on the floor? what will be the height of doorways? What the exact location and size of sanitary ware, and what conclusions do it make? location and number of outlets, switches? Hood location and method of their control? state ceilings than oblitsevat them and if they are on the roof of any structure, to provide exact systems and dimensions for installation, and it will also be at the crossing of walls and thank you baguette? the layout of the tile in the bathroom? a surface material on the walls?


facing materials

Here we simply list the visual effects, expand the space, make it more spacious and easy-read – it is especially important for the design studio. Try to choose finishing materials – tile, paint, wall, wallpaper, parquet, plank, etc. with an eye on these positions.

basic colors – lightest, white and pastel (white, eggshell paint, melted milk, butter, light beige, cappuccino, sand, sky blue and other so); Material – with moderation, you can use reflective surfaces – glossy and half-matte (this can be in the kitchen facades, coffee table made of white glossy material, semi- and countertops, chrome handles, bases for lamps, etc.); mirror (big mirrors in bathroom, full length mirror in the hall, decorative beautiful frames, mirrors in the back of furniture or at the ends of a niche, the windowsill windows, roof and so on.).


Selection of furniture and light sources

When choosing furniture and lighting should be based primarily on the functionality:


Everything is possible, buy a transformer. The coffee table transformed into a dining room, a folding chair, inserted into each other or folded, sofa necessarily with the possibility of folding, a bed with a lifting mechanism and a bed for storage of bedding and more.

Rack and cabinet

Pay particular attention to the shelves and cabinets – Determine the possibilities in storage storage niches, choose especially high quality accessories for drawers and cabinets, which use very often, to actively use the opportunity to place on shelves in various areas, open hanging shelves, cabinets with doors for things hidden from curious eyes. It is very important not to exaggerate and not turn the apartment into a museum of furniture. It is better to buy things gradually secondary needs just make sure they are an indispensable necessity.


Lighting Try to have only the roof and walls. Everything that can be hanged in the ceiling or on the wall – hang. This will release valuable floor space and save you from the risk of constantly stumbling over uncomfortable space of the lamp or floor lamp. Of course, this is not a dogm, but in a one-room apartment you have a higher likelihood very aware of these cases and "hide" the lamp in a secluded place, which does not pass through main roads mobility of people living in the apartment. Based on the height of the ceiling the screen to chandeliers and lights did not drop out too low, and hanging lights stood out from the wall to the minimum distance.


Aesthetic "wait"

And now, when you're convinced that space for living comfortably and comfortably, it's time to look up the décor. Restrictions – absolutely nothing but a single – not at the expense of already formed constructive. Choose some fabrics for curtains, blankets for the sofa, light pillows, placed on wall paintings and prints, put on the shelves in beautiful compositions and buy interesting rugs, crockery and so on.

In a small apartment, it seems "Islands" – so you can easily come up with interesting ideas to decorate or inspire a lot of useful information in books, magazines and the World Wide Web.


The work of organizing space-space apartments is clearly one of the biggest challenges in interior design. It is important to capture the essence of all the needs that residents and well equipped rooms to live in them were – a pleasure. Hopefully these tips have helped you get a little structure and sort through all the huge snowball pulling hard on you when the news of the upcoming move. Good luck to repair and correct decision!