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Clarissa - One story house with elegance |
Clarissa One story house with elegance | Pinoy ePlans Modern House Designs, Small House Designs and More!

House of 300 square meters is built on a very long and narrow sloping plot of 940 square meters. The proportions were one of the design of a one-storey house generators.

Concrete – one of the most important construction materials – farmhouses and used in a unique way – thin cement surface formed kitchen countertops and island food wrap, skylights, bathrooms in the bathroom and garden benches.

The dream of the residents of the house was clearly defined: "The strong link between indoors and outdoors and a large patio that is connected to the main building. The house, which does not stand out too much in the surrounding area."

The design of a one-storey house.

Design the inside of the house.

Working drawings: