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Black,white and wood: graphic style interiors designed by the Spanish studio Ramisa Projects and Fun .

More and more people today prefer styleLoft to register your own apartment. This style is considered a modern innovation, although its roots are far back in time, to the United States sorokovyhh. When changes began to occur in industrial environments in the country, which contributed to the free movement of businesses away from the cities. Then it appeared that many warehouses, plants, manu and workshop premises remained empty. That's when they began to transform into residential spaces. So a new trend, not only in the design of the apartment, but also in style. Loft translated from English (loft) indicates the wind, and in this case, the apartment upstairs. These apartments are mostly occupied by creative individuals, who not only lived but worked, organized all kinds of exhibits, and so on, respectively, they do not charge, for example, partitions, trying to save as much space as possible. For creators they needed a lot of fresh air and sunlight, and the total lack of a minimum of bulky furniture furnishings. From there, ceiling povzaimstvaoval style is customary – no partitions, the highest free space and fresh air. But this is not the only feature in this style. So it's now a loft – it's also the combination of worn inner parts (brick walls, nude ventilation system, factory tools, pipes) with state-of-the-art technology, accessories, modern materials, and so on. This happened due to the fact that at the time these premises became only habitable, very few people liked the first, on the basis of this, as mentioned above, they were occupied by mostly people creative professions. But then these apartments turned their attention, and rent them much increased and afford these apartments have the opportunity to just be nice rich people: bankers, politicians, businessmen. And those who have been awakened in a loft style attribute burning life.

So, we can say with full confidence that Loft's style looks like a little minimalist, but that's not its difficulty, on the contrary, all the breath's warmth and comfort seem homely and welcoming. As far as color experts are concerned, stick to the cool colors that characterize the later explained factories and layers. But the most interesting thing about the color of this style is considered a neutral white tone. This makes the room more spacious, fresh, boundary walls along with the lubrication, which combines all the conditions for a single element of freedom.

Living room – this is the heart of each apartment or house and more so in a lofty style. This is the largest room. Obviously there will be no bulky enclosures and partitions. Zone division is performed using only light color and furniture. And an important place in this room has a sofa. It must not touch the walls, the most correct its location – in the middle of the room. Some had already built the rest of the decor – small tables, coffee tables, chairs or pallets, and without sweat.

Because loft style implies a free and spacious room, a combination of a living room with kitchen is fully reasonable, in addition to quite comfortable.

Comfort and convenience combined spaces.

In addition, the room can be designed to illuminate a dining area as well.

You can cook to eat and chat with guests or family, which is comfortable to live in the living room or to eat and watch TV.

The dining room and kitchen areas look good in the white version. Of course, nothing prevents adding a little more color, not light, it's here, because it was in its place. More suitable matt black. These colors complement the green plants successfully.

But the most important – the feeling of single space, where there are no enclosed spaces, narrow spaces, and where it is impossible to turn. In fact, in our time, not everyone can afford a house, where there is a spacious kitchen, living room, not to mention separate dining room and we do not speak.

But the intersection of spaces, one not yet finished, because it houses the work area with a desk, computer, chair, shelves for paper, etc.

To some extent this may seem like a very unfortunate alternative, which is much more convenient to work in a separate room, where no one is injured. But for all tastes and preferences, a part, might even prefer to sit at the computer for TV, dealing with guests or family.

Rack and shelves are also open integrated part of the loft style. A book completely occupies a vertical open shelf, except direct administration can also be a part of the decor – it looks unique and beautiful.

Thus, the entire room is maintained in the same style, separated by only a few visual effects of zone division. White color creates an atmosphere of purity and ease. And unusual chandelier made and the room itself is very unusual.

Another important feature of the living room in the attic is large windows, hardwood floors and high ceilings.