design red bathroom

Intensive, aggressive, energetic and refreshing -this is how psychologists determine the impact on people's red. In a traditional interior is quite unusual to find the use of this color on the scale, usually red is only used to insert accent stains. Let's look at an even more rare – red bathroom design

The most common combination – a bathroom in red tones with splashes of white active. White creates a feeling of very fresh and clean space, full of gravity, dignity and maturity, and red complements and positive energy.

Second place belongs to wine shades the decor is done in a rather dark color, covering all the walls and the design of a red bathroom is filled with mysterious magic of warmth and expensive comfort.

In third place, a decision to be completely populated, but requires a lot of taste and courage. Red Tile floor, often with white joint. Such a bathroom in red tones – a challenge, and in color expressed the desire to win and trust.

Perhaps you want to edit an existing place and design a red bathroom to refresh your energy now. Make it easy with the help of bath accessories necessary shade. Towels, detergents, mushrooms, carpet, cabinets – all of this can quickly change the current image of calm and the bathroom in red colors to a whole new way of seeing within a very near future.

Photo of a red bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

Photo red bathroom with mosaic tiles.