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Clever architect transforms this tiny 129 sq ft
Clever architect transforms this tiny 129 sq ft space into mini apartment with space saving ideas like a pull out bed, stacked plywood boxes. | Tiny Homes

About the creation of a successful design in large houses- It's not an easy task, the right design of small apartments – that's all we can say jewelry does. In addition to a modest area, unfortunately, most small apartments also do not differ quite comfortable layout, which limits the escape of the imagination of its owners. But in our archives we have some good design ideas as possible efficiently, original and beautiful design even draw the smallest apartment.

If you are lucky enough to become a self-catering apartment with a rather large kitchen, you have a unique opportunity to combine the kitchen, dining room and living room in the same room. Because in this case, every centimeter space on a premium, the extra items should not be here, but the most necessary compact furniture and household utensils. If possible, equip the kitchen built-in appliances, dining area – niches in the walls, where you can store the tools and the living room – folding or converting furniture.

If your kitchen is not large in size, but the corridor is quite spacious, it can also be used wisely. For example, in the corridor can be equipped with comfortable locker rooms, where you can store all your belongings. Thus there is space, which previously held bulky cabinets in the living room.

Design small apartments can not stand smear openings and a large number of angles. Therefore, if possible, it is desirable to replace the common doors wide arches. Experienced designers also recommend to round the corners of the walls, as regards the transition from room to room. So you visually expand the space in their homes.

In the construction of a small apartment, much they play an important part in color. When decorating walls, ceilings and floors, it is best to give preference to lighter tones. And the lighter the color, the more spacious it will work your home. For example, the design of small apartments, executed in white color, it looks light, and fresh air. Of course, the ideal white finish and all parts of the interior look cool and trivial, so white is better to expire and dilute the more "live" tones.

Even experts recommend getting rid of fog curtains and dark curtains. Designing small apartments requires a large amount of light, so window decoration should be appropriate. Pay attention to light tulle or fashion Roman blinds that overlook the shining rays of the sun. If your room window turns out the dark side, then fill the room with the sunshine, you can mirror or mirror the furniture.