design stairs private home

On location: Open staircase with glass - private
On location: Open staircase with glass private home (Murals by Jan van de Ploeg Photography by Thomas Mayer)

Small houses are being built today in large numbers. According to its value, volume and structure of the interior can vary greatly, but usually it is two-story house, and thus the question of combining all projects one – what should be the design of the stairs to the second floor

Place, ladder type and performance materials as in the construction stage. Classic lovers prefer wide stones or wood floating.

FLYTING – a classic staircase, which, in its construction-related stage (marches). This ladder can be an excellent solution for the design of the staircase to the second floor.

Design ladder in a private house A small area space does not allow to place a ladder with a slight gradient levels and consequently a large amount of space that is spiral stairways are used. Usually such constructions are used to lift the wind or basement. On the structure the staircase looks like a twisted belt to support – the main bearing structure in the form of a column. Designers offer different variations of spiral staircases, the standard round shape of octagons. Usually this staircase with iron or wood.

The design of the stairs to the second floor can be in the form of and popular today stairs and rails. Bolz in German means a pin or bolt. The title is already incorporated the basic core of the planning stage is adjacent to the wall with invisible internal brackets on heavy bolts. The advantage of this type of construction is the visual features and light design. Lists provide reliable fastening steps, because of this, you can not use podstupenniki to close inspection and to step the weightless part of the interior, giving the construction ladder in a private house an additional right to become discreet but important part of the furniture.

Design ladder in a private house with Bolza, gives it a larger area than other types of stairs, in the selection of materials for the staircase. For manufacturing steps fit and wood and stone, glass and iron.

Photo Design Staircase in House in Horinouchi.