designers advise why it necessary paint walls two or more colors


Designer Tip: Why you need to paint the walls in two colors and more
The most interesting and at the same time exhausted activity during the decorative work is the choice of color. Always nagging doubts about the choice of color, the number of required colors. There are many reasons why you need to paint the walls in two or more colors. Firstly, it is beautiful and original, and secondly, another color one zone can be separated from the other, to change the proportions of the room. We offer 10 ideas that can inspire.

Interior Bedroom Young People

Interior of the Office of Charles de Lisle

The designers have decided to put a child's bedroom-themed theme decor wall, painted in the style of the flag. It's very easy to do – use 4 colors that paint 4 triangles. Very simple, but the effect is amazing.

Traditional, two-color wall It requires a panel or a certain boundary as a border. In this room you can see how designers used an interesting technique. They painted the ceiling and walls of the lower rail level in one color, giving room with high ceilings deep. But because the paintings hung and painted walls, designers decided to erase all boundaries.

The interior of Caparol

The interior of Domus Nova

Interior of Benjamin Moore

If you paint a niche or a certain area in the color, which differs from the primary color space, it would not only be functional but also original. In this room, the dark blue marked the bed area, but you can use the same idea and to mark the dining area in the kitchen.

The interior of Mend

Interior of Hughes Studio Architects

The curved shape of stairs See original tanks for the game of colors. If the wall or other objects in the house have an original architectural shape, you should make it a decorative object using color or multiple colors. This method will make the room more interesting and more functional in terms of zone division.

The interior of Owl Design

The interior design designers used color visual changes in the proportions of the room and the separation zone in the table under shutters. With two colors, they simulated the presence of a fireplace in the staining of the ventilation pipe.

The emphasis on the ceiling and the ceiling is made with a color, in this case it is white and the walls are painted in a color with a radically different shades. White floors balance the whole, and the result is visually more spacious and bright spaces.

The interior of the narrow room

Tube light gray looks good with other shades of gray, which are painted in the space area. With this soft color and different shades of the room it looks original and interesting.

The interior in various shades of gray