det vindu som ikke falder vinduer interiør

Undgå træk og kuldenedfald fra vinduer

Undgå træk og kuldenedfald fra vinduer - Clever Heating

Fake windows in the interior

Daily designers find imaginative space transformation. For example, decorate the walls with fake windows. It turns out that this technology not only works to create a nice atmosphere in the interior, but also can change the space the better.

raised windows
If the room has two narrow windows, and mellandem a little space, they are easy to combine using fake windows. Get the effect of a panoramic window. In this case, to also good use the mirror options.

Elevated screen can also be used as a hanger for clothes
Using a fake window in a small room can create a sense of openness and space. Especially good in these cases the photos print or mirrored.

Misleading landscapes will help to get rid of wetland space and let it air when the room is traditional windows or bed is in an alcove. If equipped with fake windows illuminated, then will create the effect of a real window.

False windows can serve as a bedside table
False windows in the ceiling – one of the most popular design techniques that visually makes the room above. As commonly used for this purpose Painting with the image of the sky, clouds, stars.

There are several types of fake windows: • Drawn false windows. Make a stylish interior, extra space and warmth. • False windows in a niche. If you make the windowsill, put it on the flowers to decorate the curtain and keep the backlighting – the effect is amazing. • Mirrored windows. Expand the borders and make the space brighter. • Raised window frame on flat walls. To enhance the effect of the present glass should be used. The only disadvantage of this construction is that you can not do that in the backlight. • Motivated with stained glass arched, circular or semi-circular shape. It is primarily used for the fake transom.

Wallpapers, images and mirrors can create illusion, but LCD or plasma screens provide a more realistic lively effect. As seen this window as the rain, the clouds float, cars, ships. For this option, you will need a special software system that is not cheap.

The window of liquid crystal trim on the ceiling

To emphasize style, choose Fall for Windows that fits your interior. For example, in the style of Provence is suitable landscape with lavender fields and in style beautiful sea views over the sea. The industrial style looks good with cars and skyscrapers. Nature theme fits in all the interiors.

Raised from the old window frames with glass

Elegant trim window

Raised box mirrors in large wooden frames
If the interior with windows right, you can contemplate this element as jealousies, which are capable of making the interior of the punch line. How-to? This is our review of 15 ways to use shutters in the interior