down with chaos and disorder 17 practical ideas storage organization clothes and food in kitchen

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Good ideas to clean the mess in the kitchen.
Kitchen – a place worth a separate arrangement. Here, in any case, should not be a mess. All things in the kitchen should be based on the given scheme as a whole. In order to achieve this idyll, our review helps.

Storage cans and bottles in the refrigerator.
Use cartons for compact and reliable site bottles and jars on the side of the refrigerator shelves.

Storage of cereals.
Plastic jars of ice cream and mayonnaise are ideal for storage of cereals.

Storage of nuts, cereals and dried fruits.
For nuts, dried fruits, cereals and baking soda are not spoiled and always on hand, hold them in a small glass jar with a tight screw cap. Such containers allow to monitor the amount of ingredients, and deliver from multiple cabinets punching bags and packages.

Keep knives in the box.
For safety reasons it is best to store knives in a separate box and to avoid confusion and disorder it should put a special position for knives.

Storage of household paper.
It is advisable to place a kitchen towel on the wall to help ordinary clothes nails and double-sided tape.

Rational use of space in the boxes.

Storage oven shape.
Different forms of baking are very convenient to store on a rack for dishes.

Storage space measure spoons.
The space inside the kitchen cabinet can be used with advantage. For example, there is a slate of pasta and hanging spoons.

Place of newspapers, post and recipe.
At the kitchen door can accommodate several wire bins for storing correspondence, magazines and recipes.

Store spices.
No special containers for spices – it does not matter. They successfully replace the small containers of medicines. Mark each container to always know what it is.

Box for storing household chemicals.
The space under the sink is the one that fits the best for storing household chemicals.

Storage pots.
Board-pointing board – universal device for storing a variety of objects. This board is perfect for storing pots and pans, which usually occupy all the cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Sorting products in the refrigerator.
The family fridge is usually always chaos and chaos. Bring order to help ordinary plastic containers. Come up with your own product sorting system in containers and follow it carefully.

Tea accessory in the stand for the cake.
Stand Cake is perfect for storing tea, coffee, sugar, maple syrup and other small accessories, which are often homemade.

Markers for products.
Fridge – not a place for storing old undisturbed foods. To avoid problems, gluing packaging and containers stickers with date and at least once for two weeks, spend an audit in the refrigerator.