drilling interior small kitchen

I could feasibly do this in my new
I could feasibly do this in my new kitchen, provided I wanted to drill a shit ton of holes in the wall. It's tempting though.

All tips and tricks for a small game cookie are reduced to the fact that it is necessary to use only light colors, acromatic colors and minimal decor. So, as a result, can be boring and undefinable interior. We in turn give you some interesting ideas that will make the design even the smallest kitchen really original.

Usually, buying kitchen furniture, we attach liters to any color internal filler cabinets and cabinets. This is a mistake, because, at least, the color should match the shadow facades. But even better, if it becomes bright and unusual – this will give kitchen design some "taste", especially when it comes to opening modules or cabinets with windows.

We already wrote about what materials may be used to make an original author's apron for the kitchen. If the thought of an apron of wine cork or chopped CD seems too extravagant, you can only use a light ceramic tile or mosaic. Assuming neutral design the kitchen as a whole, such a solution would be very effective.

Despite all the urgent advice, using a palette of light in the design of small kitchens, we want to give you an example of a black interior. Bold, handsome and beautiful! Of course, to take such a risky step, you should be confident in its design ability, or take the help of a professional.