easy coastal style 10 original ideas for kitchen interior

Kitchen with a neutral palette

Light coastal style: 10 original ideas for a kitchen
Although life is far from the sea, nothing prevents a home from creating a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere of inner coastal style. Maroon theme, colors – and the sea practical to beat waves of the kitchen door. We offer 10 ideas. To help make the dream come true.

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There is nothing more classic for coastal style than the blue and white stripes. For work-divided island bar stools, you can quickly and easily make a soft seat striped fabric. If you do not want to worry about stains in a dangerous zone for all types of emergencies, you should choose the Smuts fabric, easy to handle.

Home electronics brand should not be boring and white. Multicolored units in vintage dishes will be a real decoration. Undoubtedly, the best choice would be blue or turquoise color that will look amazing in a white décor.

wood panels

Shimmering apron in the kitchen

painted flooring

Wooden floors – one of the most successful selection kitchens and painted tunes to take in the interior atmosphere. To paint as long as you can not dry, it is best to choose a custom designed to paint tires, but do not forget to make sure it is suitable for indoor use.

textural fixtures

The kitchen in the Siberian floors

Again chairs. They can be painted in two colors, both in the traditional white and blue, and in the bright yellow and red. You can not paint the entire chair, but only its upper third.

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Naberezhnye possible to find many varieties of chairs in the many cafes. Alternatives can be simply incredible. In addition, these chairs are comfortable, lightweight, easy to care for.

White is considered a classic for kitchenship style, but also from the blue need not give up, especially for the workplace. Kitchen island is best to paint the bottom of saturated blue color, which immediately creates the right atmosphere.

Blue kitchen island

If the boat stands on the quayside can be remembered, which corresponding element in the interior. This can be anything – from tires to nadraennoy bars and jams. If you want to shed the sea legs then you have to move to live in a stunning residence Amchit Residence, built by specialists of the Blankpage Architects Architect Bureau.

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