eco house spectacular building with low energy consumption

Denmark's Net-Zero-Energy Home - IEEE Spectrum

CSI IDEA Building – house with energy-saving technology.
Architects are becoming every year on development using increasingly energy-saving technology projects. In some European countries have already adopted the bill, which provides for the construction of houses with the introduction of modern equipment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. One of these buildings has recently appeared in the Spanish city of Malaga.

EZAR architectural projects of the company.
Architectural Company presented one of EZARhans latest projects – a residential building called CSI-IDEA Building. The building looks very impressive and produces more energy than it consumes. These figures are achieved by several factors.

The streamlined shape of the house contributes to a passive energy.
The original aerodynamic shape reduces the overall energy load. Solar cells are provided on one side of the house, in addition an efficient air conditioning and lighting system helps reduce energy consumption.

CSI IDEA Building. View from inside.
Architects say that due to system rainwater in CSI-IDEA Building will be reduced by 50% the amount of water consumed. It is also intended for the disposal of 75% of all waste generated in the building.

CSI IDEA Building – eco-building.
To meet all requirementsA build relative environmental friendliness, as the main structural components recycled materials with minimal levels of toxicity were used. In the future they can be recycled again if necessary. Vertical gardens on both sides contribute to the overall impression of the environmental building.

CSI IDEA Building. Vertical garden.
The vision of the concept of each of the architect "echo-home" of their own. Simon creates Australian architectural studio Anthill Constructions, built a wonderful home with a parabolic design.