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Taco Bell Builds Its First Shipping Container Store
Taco Bell Builds Its First Shipping Container Store | Co.Design | business + design

Manifesto House, Eco-house in the Chilean city of Kurokawa – a real artificial wonders, and the test of best environmental design. It is not a module in common sense, but it comes from finished materials, fast, budget and with no negative impact on the environment. The cost of the project is estimated at 79,000 euros.

Manifesto House Eco House based on four cargo containers, decommissioned vessels – two forty feet and two twenty-four. External finishing for houses is made of used wooden pallets. Wooden box not only dense aesthetic, but also acts as the blinds and maintains the optimum temperature inside the house. For heating and cooling the house also uses geothermal energy.

Due to the large amount of container houses it shows very spacious, with a considerate open plan room. The furnishings are decorated in a minimalist style that best fits the simple shape of the house ..

Most of the container walls and chipped with a full height glass block in the floor mounted on a principle of sliding doors. Large balcony on the second floor, an outstanding console on the first forms a shady sitting area in the fresh air.