elegant spherical cocoon portable beach house

Today we want to offer our readers an interesting design work – beach house. Lightweight design and impeccable construction that does not look away.

Elegant shape, made with an aluminum frame and covered with a light yellow synthetic thread.

He looks more like a little at first sight bungalow with woven straw, traditional for beach analogues. But this is just a first impression, in fact, it is a product made of modern materials, durable and reliable.

And no matter how you choose to spend your time, read or just enjoy the sun, you will always feel cozy.

Privacy function put on white tulle, which will soften the intensity of the sun's rays and hide from curious eyes, and insects.

The cost of this product, about $ 8000, but the price is not too unreasonable in comparison to the comfort and conveniences that you will experience while it.