expandable building up reconstruction house in victorian style

Build in stages house plans - BS-1266-1574-ADA Small
Build in stages house plans BS 1266 1574 ADA Small expandable country style house plan for small budgets

Expands the house: the reconstruction of a Victorian house
After the birth of his second child in the family celebrity density in his old house built in Victorian style. Rather than moving to the Santa Barbara suburbs, she decides to stay in the center and just expand the space. It is very conveniently located close to parks, restaurants, major attractions and libraries. Now, everything as they do not have more space.

House before reconstruction

House after reconstruction

The house is inhabited: Sherry Bryan and Tim Dyuvar, two daughters, Location: Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSize: 135 sqm. three bedrooms, two bathroomsThe couple bought the house so soon, fell in love with its history, its character and convenient location. After the birth of her second daughter, it became apparent that there is not enough room for a comfortable life, so it was decided to expand. They assisted the architect, as I decided to extend the living room with a loft. The plan was to create a house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, which are equipped with modern amenities while maintaining the charm of the house. I had to sacrifice one bedroom on the ground floor, but the other managed to equip two bedrooms.

Fortunately, thanks to the availability of the homeowner and their financial situation, it appeared to preserve the originality of the historic facade of the house. During the renovation the architect used open plan living, which combines the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The open plan ground floor

The open layout of the house


From old tiles, lined with walls, abandoned in favor of granite surfaces, which are spectacular and funtstonalnee kitchens, washbasins and kitchen shutters perfectly match the old style. For granite surfaces easier to handle than tiles. Brian said very pleased with all new equipment, including a dishwasher, which works quietly and efficiently, with four-burner stove and refrigerator. Built-in cupboards in the kitchen, the dining room is separated from the kitchen, which complicates the process of communication.


Stairs to the second floor

The new layout allowed the bear from the pantry, place it under the stairs. The staircase is adjacent to a wall that is common with the new garage. It looks like it has always been.

White color in the interior

The white color of the walls and ceiling and windshield makes the ceiling very light space, suitable for two bedrooms, where the sisters now live.

At the arrangement of the bedrooms in the attic we tried not to overload the course of things. Niches in the ceiling add charm and make the room an architecturally interesting side. For children's bedroom using modern materials, including hexagonal washers, chrome sanitary ware and enameled cranes. Interior decorator in decoration in detail stuck in Victorian style. Because the family budget does not allow too much, so the effort is based on simplicity, tradition and functionality.


In the bathroom parents, located on the first floor there are also elements of antiquity. Vintage dressing table white basin with integrated perfectly with tile. Wood trim, which is present in the bath, is repeated throughout the house.


Wooden panels in and window opening specially made in black, for originality and the effect of surprise. The rooms are so bright as the black color does not look dull or gloomy.

The designer studied all the color combinations of the summertime historical facade. Near the house, Jacaranda grows trees with incredibly beautiful purple flowers that bloom in spring and summer. This fact has influenced the choice of colors for the outside of the house, as it was thought to be dynamic.