Eye-catching wall panels for bathrooms

Eye-catching Lustrolite Forest looks fantastic in bathrooms
Eye catching Lustrolite Forest looks fantastic in bathrooms

The wall panels are one of the best things that can make your bathrooms alluring and eye-catching. They are installed in every house to give the bathrooms a nice and contemporary look.

Shower Bathroom Panels for walls

The water panels are widely used in the shower region to protect the walls. The shower regions of the bathroom receive a lot of water, so these should be protected in order to stop seepage in the walls. The bathroom panels give a lot of protection to the walls, preventing the seepage. Moreover, the panels are mostly installed on the walls to safeguard the walls.

Waterproof wall panels for bathroom

The panels are of various types available in the market. The wall panels provide resistant against seepage and moisture. Special waterproof wall panels for bathrooms are available in the market. These are installed in the bathrooms to stop the water entering the walls and causing the seepage. The waterproof panels keep the moulds away from growing on the walls.

Installation over Tiles

The tiles of various types make the bathroom beautiful and alluring. The tiles are used to protect the floor of the bathroom. Apart from the tiles the bathroom wall panels, provide the same functions as performed by the bathroom tiles. The wall panels for bathrooms can be installed over the tiles to give a double layer of protection for the walls. The moist walls are the most suitable place for the moulds to grow up. The double layers don’t allow the water to pass through the walls thus is a great way of saving your walls.

More Cleanliness

The water panels provide a greater degree of cleanliness. They are made of such material that does not allow the mould to grow on. Moreover, the bathroom all panels are easier to clean and maintain. The dirt and dust can easily be removed by means of a wet cloth or a wet sponge from the surface of the wall panels. The wall panels are also easier to clean as compared to the tiles.

Using bathroom cladding

The cladding is the extra covering that is done before placing the wall panels. These help in an extra coating and protecting the bathroom walls from seepage and moisture. If the wall panels are to be installed over the existing tiles than you don’t need to use the cladding material. The cladding material often comprises of sand and adhesive material.