feel for countryside recreation tree house right in city

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Urban Treehouse – and tree trunk.
On the outskirts of Berlin in the vicinity of twisted picturesque lakes built two houses on the tree, ideological inspired building that became grandfather and his grandson. Both the cottage area of ​​just 24 square meters. Meter is also a good example of a country home built in urban areas.

Project company Bauraum and grandfather with his grandson Stegenmann.
Baumraum permanent architects contributed to the implementation idea to build a tree-lined farfather Hans-Joachim Stegenmann and his grandson Kolja. With a plot on the outskirts of Berlin (Germany), the owners wanted wooden houses built in nature, combined with modern furnishings for a comfortable stay in it.

Urban Treehouse – a house, an area of ​​only 24 square meters. meter.

Urban Treehouse. Interior.
Architects realized the construction of two houses Urban Treehouse of 24 square meters each. Inside there is everything you need to comfortably spend time on the weekend or just feel like somewhere in the countryside: living room, bedroom, bathroom with rain shower, fully equipped kitchen, TV and Wi-Fi. The part of the sofa can be pushed into a big bed and things are stored in boxes, built in under the seats.

Tree House, built in the city.
Unfortunately, the brain Hans-Joachim Shtegenmann does not live to see the completion of the construction of houses, t. Till. He was already at a high age. Therefore, two Treehouse houses dedicated him and his wife. This house on the tree – not just houses built in such a way in the city. In Japan, for example, it is not built a house and a restaurant on the tree.

Sofa bed in trasformiruetsya.

Built-in kitchen in a small house on a tree.
Despite its name Treehouse ("Hemsidatree"), the structure is not supported by the trunks, and based on galvanized frame, lined with larch planks. Fixed prefabricated five layer granular panels used in walls, ceilings and floors. The materials used as an addition and environmentally friendly.