Feel like a fairy tale house in oriental style with an area only 24 square meters

Couple Living in 500-Square-Foot Small House By Smallworks Studios

Camper area of ​​24 square meters. meter.
At first glance, it is quite normal house in the RV area of ​​only 24 square meters. meter. But inside is made in an exotic Moroccan style. Striking a riot of colors, patterns and structures used to emphasize the eastern interior color. It's in this place you can escape from daily life and read good night's sleep for Scheherazade.

Wheeled house made of Lylipad.
The company is specialized in building Lylipadsmå home on wheels. This time designers have presented a small public residential area of ​​only 24 square meters. Despite these dimensions, inside is everything you need for a comfortable stay in it's worth.

Mini live in Moroccan style.
The interior is made in an exotic Moroccano style. Mini living room, mounted on the second floor, can accommodate several guests. On the couch pillows scattered with oriental ornaments, and above a red canopy hangs adorned with pearls and fringes.

The use of storage space.
To maximize useful space under the stairs designers equipped with built-in drawers for clothes, as well as a pull-out dining table.

Camperdown. BED.
Opposite the living room is a place to sleep, where the whole area has been extensive a king size bed. The bed on it also embroidered with pearls, thereby emphasizing the eastern decoration.

Moroccan style caravan.

Environmentally friendly house on wheels.
For the purpose of the house is used by "green" technology: mulltoa, rainwater collection systems, solar panels. Given the small size of housing, it could be an excellent alternative country house. Another perfect 10 cabins will show how important it is to keep in mind and arrange space for a comfortable stay in a small building.