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Pyramid House Will Have You Feeling Like a

Pyramid House – home to the original concept of a pyramid.
Many architects looking for original forms you create their projects, they refer to the past. Then one of the designers introduced the concept of the house, in the form of a pyramid. Experts say that its development will be comfortable and functional housing.

The term pyramid house architect Juan Carlos Ramos.
As part of one of the competition programs of architecture Juan Carlos Ramos (Juan Carlos Ramos) presented his proposal-pyramid at home under the simple title Pyramid House.

The house in the form of a pyramid with wide windows.
The house has large windows that make it easy to visually design and freely let natural light into the house, and opens a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape.

Futuristic concept of a rented house.
Pyramid House is still just a concept, but in the world, in addition to the architectural monuments of the past, we have built a lot of pyramids. The 10 pyramid plants will see how versatile pyramids can be in different nominations.

House pyramid shape.
The concept requires three levels, connected with a spiral staircase. The "pyramid" will contain a living room, two bedrooms with bathroom, kitchen and a library. In addition, under the roof of this house will be a place for a pool, a garage and a free-standing balconies.