finish toilet and bath 5 alternatives bored with tile

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Alternatives to tiles in the bathroom and bathtub

The most popular finishing material, used for feed bathroom and toilet, a ceramic tile. And allow it to produce a wide variety of shapes and colors, sometimes you want to try something more original. I'm glad that there are at least 5 alternatives to ceramic tiles today.

Today, construction materials market represented a wide range of plastic discs

Plastic panels are easy to install and clean

Plastic panels – a good alternative to ceramic tiles
This option is very practical and economical. Plastic panels are easy to install and take care of. They hide less mistakes and burst on the walls. In addition, panel light, durable and moisture resistant. The only material that is not natural and can crack and deform to high temperature effects (for example, if no one leaves a distance of 3-4 cm between the panel and the battery).

These wallpaper updates every bathroom
Background in the bathroom looks real-life. They rarely appear in other materials interior bathrooms. All because it does not affect moisture resistance. Fortunately, modern manufacturer of wallpaper made worthy collection for rooms with high humidity. Particularly good fiberglass, acrylic and vinyl versions. The most important thing is to look at the icons on the packaging when shopping. The moisture wallpaper is labeled in the form of three waves. It is also important to prepare the wall, antifungal agents to treat them well and to work out the joints.

Luxury wallpaper in the bathroom

Creative and colorful combination

Decorative plaster looks noble

Decorative plaster in the interior of a bathroom

Painted walls in the interior bathroom

Painting – versatile material

You can play with colors

Mirror tile – one of these tools, which works on a visual increase in small spaces. It can be used as an accent element and combine with other materials. She is not afraid of fire and moisture, is a long time, is not harmful. Her usually attached to liquid silicone or nails. The only thing from heavy shocks, it can crack.

Mirror tile in the internal bathroom

Mirror tiles in bathroom furnishings

Mirror tiles make the interior an elegant and spacious
During repairs, due attention should be paid to the floor coverings. We have reviewed the most popular content and find out what they have pros and cons.