Five small bathrooms tile ideas

small bathroom ideas

Small rooms are difficult to design and ornate. Due to less space, it sometimes becomes troublesome to innovate ideas but there are always ways to decorate the tiny rooms. Likewise, the small bathrooms are difficult to design but the innovative ideas can make up your bathroom look beautiful and adoring.

A great way of making the small bathrooms look spacious is to add floating storages to the bathrooms. The floating storage space gives a modern and contemporary look. The storage ladders are one of the best things that can be used as perfects storage space. The ladders have 2 – 3 shelves or may have 4 – 5 shelves that are used to store towels for immediate use. The ladders may be colourful and according to the colour tone of your bathroom.

Tiling Ideas for Smaller Bathrooms 

Another important factor that is advantageous in adding décor to your small bathroom is tiling the bathroom in a perfect style. There are several small bathroom tile ideas that you may take up to make your bathroom look modern and contemporary. These bathrooms tiling ideas are as following:


In wainscoting, the floor is tiled with larger pieces of tiles. The tiles are mostly made up of ceramic material. The floor is tiled wholly and the lower wall is also tiled. But the lower wall is tiled with the tiles of some different colour. This makes a contrast between the colours of the tile and makes the small bathrooms look beautiful and attractive.

Border Tile

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It is more personal style tiling for the small bathroom. Like in Wainscoting the floor is covered with smaller tiles. The tiles are also installed on the walls up to the half of its length. This style is mostly adopted by the people for their smaller bathrooms. This helps in creating an illusion of a wider and spacious bathroom.


In flooring pattern, the tiles are only installed on the floors and rest walls are coloured accordingly. In flooring contrasting colours are mostly used. This is more of a traditional type tiling pattern.

Shower Tile

The showering region or the bath area is covered overall with tiles. It is done so that the walls are not affected at all by the water whilst the person is taking a shower. The tiles act as a water resistant and don’t let water to seep through the walls.