food cookie monster for baby with their hands

Monster Faces Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies for Birthday

Monster Faces Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies for Birthday Favors

Carpet "Cookie Monster" for a child with their own hands
All mothers are trying to diversify toys. But apart from the appearance, it should also take into account the safety of everything that surrounds the child, especially when it comes to the smallest child. The best way to be absolutely sure of a toy – do it with your own hands. We offer a very nice make a soft "Cookie Monster" as a comfortable mat.

choice of material

outline hands

To make the carpet, you must choose Blue Art Fur for him. Maybe it will not be easy, but the game is worth the effort. It takes about 1 m. To make your eyes, you need a yarn herb white and 2 black buttons. To the pad was more durable and does not slip on the floor surface, it is possible to trim the back of the artificial skin, but this is not mandatory.

Start by making a sketch for a monster hand. Attach one hand to a sheet of paper and trace it with a pencil. Then adjust the sketch, which monster fingers are shorter and thicker. Cut with scissors paper template along the contours.

Draw contours on the fur

Cutting along the contour

Mirroring the pattern

After excision of one half of a monster, turn fur the other side and fold the middle again, this time with the fur outside. Finish the outline of a monster half, cut the other half, which is its mirror image.

correct the pattern


The special charm of this monster eye gives ridiculous. Because the cushion is made for children, it must be done as carefully as possible. That's why the eyes are made of soft white yarn. Linda yarn 2 glomerular something bigger than a golf ball. To secure the last round, cut the thread Tuck earlier and tighten it.

pile of eyes

To prevent the winding of glomeruli, use white wire and a needle to sew the eye in a circle stitch and attach to the end of the trimmed string.

Sew the same thread with a needle glossy black buttons instead of the students.

Attach students to buttons

Sew eyes to the head of the monster thick white thread for embroidery. When the eyes are sewn to the coat, tie them together for increased reliability. The monster must be stupid, stupid eyes, so that they sew a little flat, students in different directions.

fixing eyes

To create a tight foam head needs. Cut out foam disc, slightly beveled edges. Then cut another, slightly smaller disk. Using spray glue, glue them together, and then just connect them to the back of the monster head.

To give the mat a more complete variety, you can glue the carpet with the back of the artificial skin. Attach the mat to the flap of artificial skin and cut along the contour of a sharp knife Prototyping, Conn Spraylim pad to pad on the back.

fur fluffing

Fan the coat around the edges, trim with scissors, adjust the pad and protruding edges if necessary.

Ritblock "pechenyushek"

Fluffigt Monster can not do without plush "Off cookies." They need soft beige fabric. Attach a large plate to the back of the flap, track and cut two identical circles on the contour.